Ecofair & business

At Humanistic Management Practices gGmbH (HMP) we research and promote a humanistically inspired ethic and environmental sustainability in business. In our opinion, successful business models must not only be economically profitable, but also meaningful, fair and ecologically sound from a societal perspective. From our consulting practice and research we know that eco-friendly companies are often more innovative, more resilient and therefore successful in the long term. We would like to share part of this journey with you.

Since 2011 we have been advising, accompanying and supporting companies and organizations that aspire to run in an ethically and ecologically sustainable way – because the route to follow may at times be hard to imagine or one may be in need of a pinch of support. We are experienced, well networked and will be happy to assist you.

We explore eco-fair ways of doing business in all its forms, understanding its motives, obstacles and advantages. We undertake this research, because we know doing ecofair business will be easier with role models in mind, paths mapped out and good communication at hand. From sustainability reporting systems, their goals and effects to the connection between innovation and sustainability – we gladly share our knowledge with you.

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