About us

We at Humanistic Management Practices gGmbH (HMP) are a do & think tank based in Berlin. We promote, disseminate and explore humanistically inspired ethics and environmental sustainability in the economy. We do this because because we think eco-fair businesses that aim for the common good are equipped for the future and help to solve global problems. It is our view, that successful business models are not only measured in economic terms, they also have to be meaningful, fair and ecologically sound from a societal perspective.


From consulting practice and from our research we know that eco-fair companies are often more innovative, more resilient and therefore successful in the long term. In addition, they cause minimal environmental damage and receive social recognition, they can spread responsibilities on more shoulders; employees are more satisfied and there is low employee turnover; recruitment processes are more efficient, and there are many more benefits.

Humanistic management - Why ? What does it stand for?

We advise and support companies and organizations by means of one-off interventions as well as holistic consulting processes. We explore the various models as well as practical obstacles and advantages of eco-fair business. We promote peer-to-peer exchange between companies, for example through conferences.

We work non-profit and offer our research results mostly free of charge. We are part of the International Humanistic Management Network and support the movement of the Economy for the Common Good. We are a member of the German Global Compact Network as well as UnternehmensGrün, the Association for the Promotion of Environmentally Sound Business.

We live and love sustainability

We are persuaders. Ecological sustainability and fairness matter a lot to us. Specifically, we seek to cooperate on fair terms with our service providers, we use public transportation and we avoid and offset airline miles; we buy eco-fair goods and operate a carbon-neutral website.

If you want to know more about it, you are cordially invited to take a look at our current Common Good balance sheet. It will be updated soon.

HMC_Ecogood Balance Sheet (2015)

HMC_Ecogood Balance Report (2015)

Gerd Hofielen

Gerd is an internationally experienced management expert. He started his career focusing on team training, procurement and finance in an international conglomerate. In his first consulting firm in Berlin, management development and negotiation training became top priorities. During his time in London, the focus shifted to building meaningful corporate cultures and strengthening intercultural cooperation as well as international leadership and negotiating skills.

At HMP, Gerd works with companies to introduce new ways of thinking and acting in their corporate culture, ensuring that their actions are ethically sound. He uses the methodology of Action Learning, Systemic Change Management, Group Dynamics and Organizational Development. He is fluent in English and Spanish and diligently trains his advanced French language skills. Gerd holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a masters degree in psychology and is available at gerd.hofielen [at] hm-practices.org.

Anton Wundrak

Anton has a variety work experience across sectors. Among other things, he has been an event and cultural manager in his hometown Berlin; he was a researcher for the German embassy in Rome on Italian economic policy; he implemented international location marketing projects in a joint initiative of the Federal Government and the Federation of German Industries; and has undertaken research on the implementation of international labour standards in India’s automotive industry.


Anton understands himself as a systemic process and conflict consultant. His counseling style is shaped by the assumption that transformation and change are inevitably characterized by differences of interest and lead to potential conflicts. At the same time, friction always generates energy. This energy has to be channeled into positive paths; on the one hand through a forward-looking inclusive planning and design of the changes; on the other hand, through the earliest possible moderation of smoldering conflicts. Anton’s working languages are German (mother tongue), English (fluent) and Italian (advanced). He is a passionate recreational footballer, plays drums in a band and can be reached at anton.wundra [at] hm-practices.org.

Matthias Kasper

Matthias studied Nonprofit Management and Public Governance (M.A.) in Berlin and Amman and brings work experience from the private, public and nonprofit sectors, for example at Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (BGZ) and Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik (Difu).

As an educational consultant for Education for Sustainable Development and Political Education, he is also active in youth and adult education and has intensively studied the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and alternative forms of business for a social-ecological transformation. At HMP, he accompanies, among others, organizations and communities on the path of creating their Common Good Balance Sheet.

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